who we are

GASTECH INTERNATIONAL is an iconic firm that offers a wide range of products and services to Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Cement, Chemical and Power industries. The range of its services is yet very wide and not limited to the above mentioned industries.

With its head office in Karachi and its strategically located offices in Lahore and Islamabad, GASTECH INTERNATIONAL is well-poised to play its role in national development.

GASTECH INTERNATIONAL is innovative, dynamic & committed to provide services & products based on new technologies. We offer values to our customer by providing all solutions under one roof.

Representing world renowned companies from all around the world and supplying wide range of products to private & government sector, keeping clear & transparent relation between customers & principals.

The work philosophy of the firm which is an intact elucidation of entire industrial requirements is centered on addressing all challenges and problems that are brought to it. That is not all. We go out to find problems. Since we have established a long term relationship with the end users our perception of the problems and their solution is always effective. The solution that is offered corresponds to the requirements and the budget of every client.

Gastech provides:


Ever since its establishment in 2006 Gastech’s guiding principles of quality, delivery and effectiveness invariably result in the highest degree of satisfaction of its customers. The fact that we acquire ISO and API certified products from the world’s chief manufacturers and our ability to invoke our resources worldwide admirably assists us in achieving our goal.

Every year a new milestone is added. Our past promises a bright future and still more effective and efficient services for our clients.

Our Vision

To be the leader in providing technically sound, and cost effective solution to our customers up to their entire satisfaction.

Our Mission

To provide best solution to our customers through best available internationally packaged products and services and create superior value for them in the oil and gas sector and allied industries, to support their continuous and smooth operations based on the company’s technical and managerial excellence, with a strong commitment to Health, Safety and Environment.

Maintenance & Back-up Services

Pursuing satisfaction of our clients in the Government Authorities, Ministry Petroleum and Natural Resources, Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Energy and other engineering industries. We tackle each challenge with safe, reliable and innovative solutions. We entrust our competent and multi-local teams to provide sustainable development for our company and for the communities where we operate .We believe in value engineering and system engineering and constantly improving upon our services with abreast to latest technologies. We can provide a complete packaged solution for through life cycle support. Our company can provide both preventive and corrective maintenance services at your doorstep with 100% confidence level. GASTECH INTERNATIONAL knows this fact very well because of which it enjoys the satisfaction of its clients.


Being a distinguish player in the field, GASTECH INTERNATIONAL has accumulated a vast experience in dealing with new challenges and situations by exploring new avenues and breaking new horizons. Every challenge for us is an opportunity. Experience has taught us that there is no ready made solution of any problem. New unforeseen situations surface. The solution requires innovative skills and creativity. R&D (research & development) is our strength. We never give up till a satisfactory solution is found. Our storehouse of experience is getting bigger and richer with every passing year.